Credit Policy

Credit Application

* Complete and return of credit application does not establish credit. It is step one in the overall process.

To Our Valued Customers

To: Our Valued Customers:
From: Veriplas Containers
Re: Credit Policy


Once again we take this opportunity to thank all of you for your interest in Veriplas Containers and our products. Our growth and success is only because of your consideration. As part of our growth we thought it best to issue a credit policy to avoid any confusion towards this sensitive and important issue in all of our business.

Veriplas requires cash payment on all orders before shipment will be made. Veriplas may extend or deny credit at its discretion based on several factors. To apply for credit terms the customer should provide credit references and history in writing to Veriplasí credit department. The credit department will review each case individually based on history, communication, outside credit sources and strength of our relationship with the customer. At anytime we may request updated information.

If terms are established (usually 30 days) the customer is expected to stay within terms at all times. There is a grace period to allow for mail and unusual circumstances. However, at 39 days the customer account is put on credit hold and runs the risk of non-shipment. At 60 days the account is frozen, terms may be rescinded and full payment is expected on the account. At 90 days Veriplas may utilize an outside source for collection of outstanding invoices.

It is Veriplasí intention to notify our customers that a history of late payment can affect the process for ordering and shipping product on a timely basis. Please consider these issues and their impact. Veriplas strives to have great relationships with our customers and we hope this explains the policy on payment terms. Thanks again for your support!


Brad Frieberg

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Credit Policy