About Us

LR family of bottles

Veriplas Containers was born out of a belief the independent water bottler, using anywhere from 1 million to 50 million bottles annually, was being underserved in the bottle marketplace. There simply was not an adequate supply of top quality, competitively priced PET bottles, readily available at reasonable lead times for the small to medium sized bottler.

HS family of bottles

With this in mind, Veiplas was incorporated in July of 1998, to engage in the business of manufacturing PET bottles and performs. We set about to design a family of water bottles with an attractive Euro-style look; straight shoulders and plenty of ribs to provide maximum "top load" strength. Manufacturing operations began in May of 1999.

In May of 2004, Veriplas participated in the acquisition of the world famous Mountain Valley Spring Company. The addition of the Mountain Valley Spring Plastics Division more than doubled our manufacturing capacity and served to enhance the services and competitiveness of Veriplas Containers.

Veriplas intends to continue the strategy of serving the needs of the small to medium-sized bottler while also diversifying longer term into other packaging markets such as health and beauty aids, food containers and other custom containers made from PET.

About Us